Electric Callus Remover

2 Features To Consider When Buying An Electric Callus Remover

When you are looking to buying an electric callus remover, then you probably already noticed that you have plenty of options. And the reality is that not all pedicure sets may be the right ones for you. 

One of the main differences that you need to keep in mind about foot pedicure sets is that you have two main options: buying an electric callus remover or buying a manual callus remover.

buying an electric callus remover

Not sure what callus remover to pick?

Ultimately, we believe that buying an electric callus remover should be the one that you should pick. After all, it is effortlessly, it’s affordable, and the results are simply wonderful. 

However, not all electric callus removers are the same or work the same way. So, it pays off to look at specific features to ensure that you are buying an electric callus remover that fits your needs. 

2 Features To Consider When Buying An Electric Callus Remover

#1: Portability:


One of the mains factors to consider when you are looking to buying an electric callus remover is its portability. After all, convenience comes with a small size. But your questions should rest here. You should also try to discover more about the built-in battery. The truth is that some electric callus removers don’t have a good battery. And the last thing you need is to stop to recharge it when you are in the middle of removing a callus.  

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Ultimately, a good electric callus remover should be small, lightweight, and come with a decent battery. This way, you can use it when you need as well as you can also take it with you when you are traveling. 

#2: The Design And The Functionality:


There’s no question that design matters. So, besides looking for an electric callus remover that is only small, you should look for one that has an ergonomic shape. This ensures that it will be easier to handle it leading to spending less time removing your calluses. 

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In terms of functionality, you need to know that there is a wide variety of removers. So, you need to look for one that actually fits your needs. So, here are some of the main differences:

  • Closed Or Open Rollers: While the closed rollers easily clog up, the open rollers do not clog but cause a lot more mess and will, thus, require more cleanup time. 
  • Removable Headers: Keep in mind the fact that the removable headers are generally easier to clean when making a purchase. This, of course, means that they are going to be healthier and more hygienic when used for your pedicure. Some of the pedicure sets have removable headers that come with extras such as flexible headers and anti-bacterial functionality.

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  • Dual Speed: There are electric pedicure sets that have a single speed and those with dual speeds. Consider whether you really need a dual-speed in your pedicure set. You will need a dual-speed functionality if your calluses are really bad and the extra speed with be required for more efficient callus removals during your pedicure treatments.

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