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Pedicure Tools – Taking Good Care Of Your Feet

Now that the hot weather is finally arriving and that we just can’t wait to wear our sandals, we need to ensure that our feet look decent. The truth is that after spending so many months inside of boots, your feet need to be taken care of. 

pedicure tools

In case you are considering being your own pedicure since you don’t have the time to go to the salon or you simply don’t want to spend so much money, then you need some pedicure tools. 

Discover everything you need to know about corns and calluses.

The truth is that there are many different pedicure tools. Some are more affordable than others and you certainly don’t need them all to get started. However, it is always a good idea to know the pedicure tools available and what does what.

Pedicure Tools

#1: Pumice Stone:

Pumice stone is probably one of the most popular pedicure tools. After all, we all remember our grandmas using it. 

The porous pieces of volcanic rock can be gently rubbed on the bottom of the feet and heels to help scrub away dry skin and smooth corns and calluses. 

#2: Foot File:

Foot File

When you have a serious callus, then you absolutely need a foot file. While some are manual, you can already find some great electric foot files on the market.

A foot file is a handheld device that is made from exfoliating material like metal or emery board that files away dead skin a bit like sandpaper smooths wood. The trick is to find a foot file that is tough enough to tackle stubborn corns and calluses without damaging the new, healthy skin underneath. 

#3: Nail File:

Nail files are used to shape and smooth both toenails and fingernails. While they can be made from a wide range of materials, the most common ones are made of emery, crystal, glass-ceramic, and metal. 

#4: Nail Buffer:

Nail Buffer

When you are looking to get your toenails to look shinier and smoother, then you can use this pedicure tool.

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#5: Nail Clippers:

Nail clippers are a must pedicure tool that should never miss. After all, they are used to keeping your nails properly shaped and trimmed. Notice that you can find nail trimmers on different sizes. 

#6: Nail Scissors:

In case you prefer nail scissors to nail clippers, it is perfectly fine. They usually offer the user better precision than lever-style nail clippers, and some say they’re healthier for the nails than traditional clippers because they don’t press and squeeze the nail during cutting. 

#7: Cuticle Clippers:

This is another pedicure tool that you should consider having. However, it is not as important as the previous pedicure tools that we mentioned. 

Simply put, a cuticle clipper is a stainless steel pedicure tool made for cutting and trimming nail cuticles. 

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#8: Toe Separators:

Toe Separators

You probably already saw or even worn toe separators in the salon. These are simply cushioned devices that you slip between your toes to help spread them apart and make for easier toenail polish application. Notice that you don’t need to have these pedicure tools as well. 

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