How To Prevent Corns?

With summer approaching, more and more woman tend to look at their foot during this time of the year. After all, you are about to show your beautiful foot and this is when you realize that you have a corn. While it is possible to treat them, you want to ensure that you actually prevent corns.

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But What Exactly Is A Corn?


Simply put, corns tend to develop on your toes and feet. The truth is that when there is an area on your feet that suffers from constant pressure, you may start developing a corn. This repeated friction leads to the death of the skin cells and this is why corns have a hard surface. This is mainly your body reacting to this friction to protect yourself.  

If you take a closer look at your corns, you will notice that this area of your skin starts to become discolored and rough. 

The Different Types Of Corns

Most people tend to think that a corn is a corn. However, there are mainly three different types of corns. The best way to identify them is just by looking at them carefully.

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#1: Hard Corns: 

When you notice that your corn features a compact patch of tougher skin and that it has a different corn, you can assume that you have a hard corn. It is almost if this area is harder than the rest of the corn itself. 

#2: Soft Corns: 


When you look at your corn and you see that it is reddish, sensitive, and tender and that it has a smoother center, then you have a soft corn. These types of corns tend to develop more frequently between your toes, especially between your fourth and pinky toe. They are also the corns that are usually more painful. 

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#3: Seed Corns: 

As you look at your corn, you will see a dense hill of dead skin. These are the seed corns and they also tend to be quite painful. The reason for their name is that a seed corn isn’t just a corn but several tiny corns that are grouped together. They usually appear on the balls of your feet or on the heel and they are extremely tender. 

How To Prevent Corns


In order to know the best ways to prevent corns, it is important that you understand what causes them in the first place. 

The most common causes that may lead to corns include: 

– not wearing socks

– wearing the wrong size or wrong shape of shoes

– wearing too tight shoes

– spending a lot of time on your feet, especially running or walking

– foot deformities such as hammertoes or bunions

– age.

In addition, women are most likely to develop corns than men. 

In case you change your footwear, for example, this may lead the corns to disappear on their own. However, this will take some time. 

In case you are looking to prevent corns from actually developing, here are some of the things that you should consider doing:

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#1: Measure Your Foot And Wear The Right Size Shoes:

The truth is that wearing the wrong size or wrong shape of shoes is the number one cause to develop corns. So, one of the best ways to prevent corns is to wear good shoes that properly fit your foot. They should be too large or too tight, and they need to be your number. 

To ensure that you are wearing the right shoe size, you should have about a half inch between the front of the shoe and your longest toe. 

#2: Wear Socks (The Right Ones):


Wearing socks can also prevent you from developing corns. However, to make sure that you prevent corns, you need to pick the right socks. So, you should make sure that they have some padding.

#3: Limit The High Heels:

Most women love high heels and we have to say that men do as well. However, there is a time when you need to choose between high heels or feet without corns. While you can still wear high heels, you should try to limit their use. 

#4: Lose Weight:

Overweight people are more prone to develop corns. So, a good way to prevent corns and improve your overall health at the same time is to lose weight. 

#5: Use A Pumice Stone Regularly:

Using a pumice stone regularly is one of the best ways that you have to prevent corns. After all, you will be maintaining your feet always cleaned and moisturized. 

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