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Callus On Outside Of Big Toe – Causes And Treatment

Callus on outside of big toe is a problem that affects a lot of people. If you’re experiencing this situation, you might be feeling some tingling or numbness or even pain on the side of the big toe.

Callus on outside of big toe causes

A deadness, pain or callus on outside of big toe is usually brought on by a sticking of the big toe joint when you are walking. This is called a hallux limitus.

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When you are no longer able to completely move your big toe while you’re going forward, you eventually start to move off of the side of the toe. Even though this is an unconscious behavior. When you do this, you are squeezing the skin and a callus will form. In the case that it affects the big toe nerve, you will feel numbness and pain.


Usually, people who tend to have more callus on outside of big toe are the ones who already have bunions. And this is because people who usually have bunions tend to move over the side of the big toe.

However, even if you never had bunions in your life, this doesn’t mean you can’t have callus on outside of big toe. All it takes is too much friction against your shoes while you’re doing your regular activities.

Callus on outside of big toe treatments


Callus on outside of big toe treatments tend to concentrate their main efforts on enhancing the big toe joint movement as well as on disposing of all the possible pressure from the side of the toe.

In order to enhance the big toe movement, you need to make sure that you exchange pressure off of the bog toe joint as well as you support the curve.

Removing callus on outside of big toe

#1: Use An Electric Grinder:


There are many electric grinders on the market nowadays that allow you to easily and gradually get rid of the deadness and the pain. In case you want to use an electric grinder, the best time to do it is after the shower, when your skin is softer.

#2: Buff The Callus Away:

There are also many different products that allow ou to peel apparatus. This will help you treat your callus on outside of big toe. However, you need to be careful not to go too deep. If you have never done this before, it’s better to look for other alternatives.

#3: Use An Exfoliating Cream:


One of the main benefits when you use an exfoliating cream is that it will help you get rid of all the dead skin cells. And this is exactly what happens when you use it on your callus on outside of big toe. You can even use it combined with the electric grinder. After you use the grinder, you use the exfoliating cream.

#4: Use Callus And Blister Prevention Patch:

These patches are made of Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), which is a material that has a low friction coefficient. So, when you’re using it, you’re decreasing the potential friction which will prevent the pain.

#5: Stop The Aggravation:

Unless you don’t do anything regarding your callus on outside of big toe, the pressure will continue as well as your calluses won’t recuperate. This may mean that you might need to buy a new pair of shoes that need to have more space inside. Another thing you can do to stop the aggravation is to wear callus cushions.


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